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Let me know what you think of how I play Pinkie! Anon commenting should be on!
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Poke me here if you want to plot with Pinkie Pie!
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You're Horsing around with convivialConfection [CC]

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Apr. 8th, 2022 02:19 pm
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To Be Created!
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Email: thats.just.a.lollipop.tree@gmail.com
IM: firewants2bwater
DM: Open
Concrit Post: Open!
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It'll be easy, she thinks. Just a leap through a pond after reciting a couple of words, then she can be everywhere and no one will get hurt.

She didn't count on her clones having minds of their own. Curious, fun-loving minds.

Even though she's miles away from them, she can hear them calling the Pinkie Pie Battle Cry.


...She's in sooo much trouble...
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It's not that Pinkie doesn't love her friends. She SUPER DUPER loves her friends, every single one of them!

It's just that they're so busy and it's so hard to be there for all of them, and Pinkie cannot abide by missing out on anyone's fun!

So she's taken to dashing back and forth from Ponyville to Sweet Apple Acres and back again. She WILL be there for Rainbow Dash and Applejack! She can so totally do this!
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Here are the lyrics to the song Pinkie sings whenever she meets someone who's just entered the bar!

Well, welcome to Milliways, your first drink is free!!
The bathrooms are that way if you really need to...
If you're hungry, just ask Miss Bar and she will see!
If she can getcha supper...
Or a chocolate picker-upper!
Or a glass of orange freeze!

Instrumental break!

(SPOKEN): Or if you need to, ask the rats! They're realllly super friendly! Hi, Esmeralda!

The very first time she'll let you drink for free!
But if you want any more, she'll only charge you a teeny little fee!
And you can pay it off by by serving stuff while she takes a nap or three!
And when she wakes up, she'll give you a key!
So you can go upstairs and take a rest and let the universe be!

(SPOKEN): Seriously, you can do ANYTHING here! Just stay away from the karaoke machine! It did something REALLY weird to Twilight!

Out back there's a stable
And a lake where you can swim
Just grab a life preserver if you're able
and you can jump right in!

There's a forest out there too,
But I really wouldn't go there, honey!
Because hiding under the sky so blue
are a buncha demon bunnies!


There are only three rules
That you need to know without fail
If you don't remember all of them
They'll throw you in jail!

(The music suddenly grows lively again)

Don't fight with ponies you know from back home,
And don't ask her to make you stuff that hurt anypony,
And No smoochin' where anypony can see!

Yes listen to me my friend
And you'll be trouble-free!
Another happy member
of the Milliways family!

(Spoken): Oh, and there's a monster in the lake!
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Back in Pinkie's world, she knows the birthday of absolutely EVERYBODY in Ponyville. In Milliways continuity I can't imagine it being anything different - she'd memorize the birthdays of everyone from the Waitrats to passing acquaintances. But since this is an RPG, I can't just pitch Pinkie unwelcome at every single pup in the bar.

So if you want Pinkie to either acknowledge your character's birthday in that special, inimitably Pinkie way, or plot your character's party, give me a jingle here, and we'll work something out!
Pinkie's having a darn good day. Such a good day that she's decided to go check on Twilight, whom she hasn't seen in a rather long time. Like in quite a few days' time.

"Tra la la la la la la!" she sings. The tune gets louder and louder as she bounces her way to the door of the Books and Branches.

"Gosh," she says, stepping over the threshold, "I haven't seen Twilight since the flowerpot incident! Hope she still isn't mad!" Curious, she makes her way inside.


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